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King Dude on Flickr.


"hi I know you from tumblr and I saw you in person but I’m too afraid to talk to you also you’re much shorter than I imagined"

actual thought I had at the king dude show 

King Dude on Flickr.


i woke up and made a cover of one of my favorite songs on the microkorg.


in a year, a year or so
this will slip into the sea

well, it’s been a long time, long time now
since i’ve seen you smile

download: "nantes" (beirut cover)

i completely forgot about this song until now. good good.

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Ghost and Gale on Flickr.


Comte D’Assche, La Prière - 1894

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this is a picture of marriages when I don’t load film properly


Emmylou Harris

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